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Latest Patch Notes & Updates

Patchnotes - 09 July 2016

Fixes & Change:
Disable 4th July Fireworks
Disable *3 XP Bonus
Enable Disease Event (in the Hospitals are Czerka Medics who are able to heal Wounds and Disease)
Enable *1,5 Overt XP Bonus

House Changes:
Some NGE Houses get a Crafting Bonus, its NOT additional to your values, it works more like Bespine Port or the City Bonus. Better Success Rate, a small buff to initial Values. So its NOT like you have 15 Exp Tape and are in the House that you have 2 EXP points, you have still the 1,5 but a small chance for a better calculation

Add Artisan experimentation + 5, assembly + 10 to Vehiclehouse
add LS Crafting to dark&light Jedi house
add WS Crafting to ATAT House
add DE Crafting to Sandcrawler House
add TA Crafting to rebel house
add AS Crafting to Emporer house
add Ch Crafting to Diner House
add Me Craftint to Relaxation House
add BE Crafting to Tree House, Musty + 15, assembly + 15

The Efficienz of Crafting Stations have now a larger effect *disabled at the moment*

Add PVE Multiplier *2 to ForceThrow and ForceWeaken
Force Throw 1&2 is now a Cone
Force Weaken is now a Cone (with a small area)

Patchnotes - 02 July 2016

Fixes & Change:
! you need to update your client !
Special for Independance Days
Trippe XP
50% Mission Payout
Costumes (Theed Starport to get Rid of a costume /dropcostume)

add Worldevent Theed Invasion
add Worldevent Badge
add new Monsters
add Cleaning Bots in Theed
add Rebel Spire Emporer Spire, Vehicle House and Hangar House to Loottables
add 10 new Droids Types as new Monsters
add new Rewardoption on the GHA Vendor
raise values of Kimogila Bloodraise Payout for Entertainer Missions
raise Faction Reward for Faction Missions
add a new Planet The Lost World
add new Weather
Perals & Crystals have now better Tunechances in FC
a lot of background work

Note: with the patch there slipped some Grafic issues on Client Side in. They are so small that i decided to roll the patch out and fix them later this weekend with a client patch

Patchnotes - 26 June 2016

Fixes & Change:
Add Icons to Transport & Shuttle NPC's
Add Icons to the Czerka Docs you can request in the Village
Alumn Mine Easy Mode -> DMG nerfed
BH Terminals showing now the Faction of your target
BH Terminals using now a bit decrypted Names
BH Terminal showing no longer Targets that should be not on the Terminals
BH Playerrewards are now saved, every new Reward comes additional to the old one and stack
Players are on Logout now removed correctly from the List and are now longer Ghosts there
Players with Playerreward are now set correctly on Login on the Terminals
Max Reward for Visibility = 300000, Playerrewards can Raise that
Jedi becomes now Visibility if they spended more as 30 Skillpoints in Jedi Skills
Note: i wrote several new Functions and refactored the complete BH Droid Tasks/ Mission terminals and Visibility Manger code so there will be the next days no other patches to see that everything working ok.

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