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Launcher Download

Installation Guide.

1. Extract the Zip to any folder you like: (I.E. Revelation)

In this folder you need your ORIGINAL SWG Files (there are a lot of *.TRE Files inside).
You should now have a Folder with your SWG installation + revelation launcher.


Note: You can get cheap Game copies from Ebay, Amazon, ....

(But beware, we overwrite several files with our own stuff. If you want to play on other Servers too, make a copy from your folder)

2. Start the Revelation.exe. It will now update the launcher. After that you should see the launcher UI.


3. hit the update button to get the latest version.

The update will now start. If all files are uploaded press: PLAY LIVE

Welcome to Revelation.

In the right upper corner you can see the launcher and the Game data Version.

If you have any issues with your AV and our launcher. Please add it to your exclusion lists.

Manual Install Files
If you are having trouble installing, you can use the normal swgemu launcher and patch after the update with these files in your folder.
Manual Files

Troubleshooting / Guide