Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Revelation. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Server Rules

    1: General Conduct:
    1.1: Player Harassment: Harassment that prevents the game from being playable or is extremely inappropriate at the staffs opinion will not be tolerated.
    1.2: Staff Harassment: Harassment of the Revelation Staff is unacceptable and will not be allowed.
    1.3: Language Usage: Language that is considered extremely Vulgar, Racist, or Defamatory will be dealt with appropriately.
    1.4: Bug Abuse/Hacking: Hacking or abuse of any bugs, duping or abuse of any in-game system is not allowed.
    1.5: RMT (Real Money Trading): Trading characters, money, accounts, items or anything related to Revelation Server for Real Money is not allowed.

    2: Accounts and Characters:
    2.1: Account/Character Naming: Players will not be allowed to name their characters, accounts, guilds, structures or any publicly visible names anything that is covered in Section 1.3 Language Usage.
    2.1a: Account/Character Naming:The use of Religion shall not be allowed in regards to naming your character.
    2.2: Staff Impersonation: Players will not attempt to impersonate or act as staff members at any time, attempting to do so will result in permanent ban of the account.
    2.3: Accounts: Your account will be created via and only one game account per IP may be created. Each account will be allowed up to 3 character slots and up to 2 characters online at the same time. Extra accounts for family, roommates, and others that share the same IP, you should contact a staff member for more information.
    2.3a: Account Sharing: Account sharing is at your own risk, we will not support scam victims. Owners are responsible for their accounts actions.
    2.4: Account Mass Creating/Deleting to gain starter Money is not allowed. The mechanic is not there to generate endless money.

    3: Chat:
    3.1: Auction Channel: Players are to use Auction Channel for all trading of Buying, Selling and Service Announcements. (Min pause 10 minutes = /pause 600).
    3.2: Buff Bots: While we recommend that you use Auction Channel for Service Announcements. You may use only 1 character to advertise buffing in General Chat (Min pause 30 minutes = /pause 1800).
    Try to keep your macro short and simple i.e: Not a mandatory template, but just a guideline.
    I am providing Ent (0%) and/or Doc (0.0k, 0hrs, 0k credits) at (City) on (planet), (waypoint).
    3.3: Chat Spam: Spamming of any chat system is not allowed, Chat bans will be issued.
    3.4: Disruption: Any disruption of chat, be it Abusive, racial or personal in the chat channels will be dealt by a staff member..

    4. Bug/Player Reports:
    4.1: Reporting a bug: We will only accept Screenshots or Video Recordings. Please be as descriptive as possible when reporting a bug. If there is a GM online you may send them a message to ask for assistance.
    4.2: Reporting a player: We will only accept Screenshots or Video Recordings of the incident. If there is a GM online you may send them a message to ask for assistance.
    4.2a: Photos from Phones: We will not accept photos from your phone as evidence in your case. Strictly Screenshots and Videos (Fraps, XSplit etc.)
    4.3: Contact: Always contact a GM first. Unless stated, please do not contact Developers directly as this will only turn their attention away from tasks they have set out to do.

    Forum Rules:
    Make sure you are posting constructive criticism, whether it's negative or positive. Contrary to what some people believe, we do take feedback from here into account.

    Notice: Administrators/Moderators reserve the right to change/edit/delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate.

    General Forum Rules:

    1. Do not:
    Flame or insult other members.
    Bypass the swear filter or other filters.
    Post personally identifiable information (i.e. name, address, email, phone number, etc.)
    Derail a thread's topic.
    Post links to phishing sites.
    Post spam (i.e. +1, 10char, rickrolls) or Re-post Closed, Modified, Deleted Content.
    Repetitively post in the incorrect forum (example: trade requests belong in trading forum).
    Openly argue with a moderator. Contact the Moderator via a private message.
    Share your account. Forum accounts are intended for the use by one person.
    Create alternate, backup, or multiple accounts.
    Publicly post or otherwise share PMs with other users unless you have the expressed
    permission of the sender to do so. Private Messages are intended to be just that - private.

    2. The following topics are strictly off limits, including in external links:
    Porn, gross stuff, or anything else not safe for work .
    Cheating, hacking, game exploits.
    Threats of violence or harassment, even as a joke.
    Soliciting, begging, auctioning, selling, advertising, referrals.
    Racism, discrimination.
    Drugs, alcohol.
    Religious, political, and other “prone to huge arguments” threads.

    3. No Backseat Moderating:
    Let the Forum Moderators do the moderating. Backseat Moderating is when people who are not Moderators try to enforce the forum rules. Whenever you see a person breaking the rules, take advantage of the "Report this post to a moderator" link. Or simply IGNORE the offensive post(s) or thread. The most common backseat reply is the "+1 in before lock" phrase. Backseat moderating is annoying, and pointless.

    4. Report Post to the Moderators:
    Should you observe a fellow forum member breaking these rules please report the post by clicking the "Report Post button" located to the left of every post, or feel free to contact any of the Forum Staff.

    5. Lifetime Achievement Award:
    Users who are found to be repeat offenders will be removed from the forums.

    If you are unsure of a rule, ask a staff member.
    Rules are subject to change at any time, without warning.
    Revelation will not support scam victims, trade at your own risk.
    Revelation staff will never ask you for your password. Do not give your password to anyone.
    All punishments will be decided on a case by case basis at the staffs discretion.

    Updated Saturday 02th September 2015 #