New Lowca - Revive or Die - Free Houses and Plots

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New Lowca - Revive or Die - Free Houses and Plots

Postby fleasome » Sat Jan 16, 2016 12:46 am

We are down to two people (6 toons) in New Lowca now. Those are the ones playing. There are still 15 citizens but just a week ago there was about 25. So their houses are disappearing quite frequently. We made the cut today, but if we lose one more citizen we lose the ability to have a shuttle.

So, if there are any newbies that want a home, it is just south of Bestine on Tatooine. I have several small houses that I can give out for free, or near free, I only ask that you 'Declare Residence' from the terminal once you plant it. You certainly can plop a bigger house if you buy one from someone.

If anyone is interested you can catch Nomi, Kusu, Dingo (though usually Dingo is on auto-pilot dancing), Waki, Seiyu or Uni. Those six are all militia and can get you a house and grant zoning rights. We kind of had originally a 'pattern' with all the houses in rows but alas, I'm not too picky at this point. My OCD prefers neat but I'm just hating the fact that the town is shrinking. You can also email or catch me via this board to make arrangements to meet up.

The town was originally Imperial/Neutral but it doesn't really matter. We are 1500m south of Bestine which is a Galactic Civil War battleground so it is a pretty good spot if you are into all of that. If we can get it to grow again I still believe it can be a great and fun spot.

If you are a newbie, I also make sure and put all my looted weapons on Kusu's vendors in town for really cheap as you don't use those weapons very long. There are also a lot of beginning crafter items like crafting and survey tools available. If you are grinding, I can put a trainer for your profession in town.

So let me know if anyone wants a home here. You can always relocate later or have a 2nd home elsewhere later on. I actually have homes on Dantoine as well.

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