New Lowca - Anyone Want? Free Town.

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New Lowca - Anyone Want? Free Town.

Postby fleasome » Fri Feb 26, 2016 11:59 pm

New Lowca pretty much lost everyone so I moved out.

If any group of people want to claim that town, it is currently level 3, will probably be level 2 by tonight (Friday) around 9pm CST.

If you have a small group of people that can all place houses there, declare, then one of you register to run for mayor, you can outvote me. There are no active players left in the town and the Mayor (Nomi) doesn't have a house, just the city hall.

It is just south of Bestine on Tat.

If you want it, it is yours just get in touch with me in game (nomi, kusu, dingo, fleasome) or email and I will make arrangements to grant everyone zoning rights and make em all militia.
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