Testing of MBH

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Testing of MBH

Postby Rylexteo » Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:29 pm

I have been testing MBH MPistoleer and will continue to do so to figure out what kind of problems MBH has as I do not see the point in changing the requirements for MBH or adding any melee line into it. I believe a Bounty Hunter should be a ranged profession and try to utilize the 3 groups of weapons that are available to you. Light Lightning Cannons are your heavy hitters, Pistols are your DOTs to tear them down bit by bit. And Carbines are your state hitters.

This is what I have found so far.

Spray Shot - Impossible to land a dizzy on a Jedi, tested and used numerous times on a few Jedi. Never landed a Dizzy or stun. Will land Blind however.
Light Lightning Cannon Speed - Much like Commando or Carbineer is impossible to cap the speed at 95 with even +25 SEAs, Carbineer however with BH can reach the speed cap.
Fire Knockdown - Like Spray Shot this move will not land a dizzy on an opponent
Jedi blocks - Jedi continue to block all shots fired even while knocked down on the ground.

65 shots fired at Avara - 55 Block 10 bypassed their block
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Re: Testing of MBH

Postby Himalayas » Thu Feb 25, 2016 2:53 pm

Carbines can be the most accurate weapon in the game, I would imagine that makes Carbines the most likely weapon to get through a Jedi's block? Then there's a few food items that increase accuracy as well, I forget their names. MBH/Carb/Pistoleer/Novice Brawler might be a good pairing - my current template is MBH/Carb x4xx/Pist xx4x/Smug x1xx but without Smuggler I could get more skills in another line in Carb or Pist.

Pair this with very low encum armor and foods/drink that increase regen and accuracy - might be more effective than trying to utilize pistols and light lightning cannons. However it would be wise to stack health, action and mind bleeds if possible to try to destroy the Jedi's pools a bit.

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Re: Testing of MBH

Postby Parth » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:17 pm

the most accurate weapon in the game just by range mods is the dxr-6b disruptor rifle. mines are +150.

this is from the lastet raw patch notes:

"Add GCW Skill Block Break
Add blockBreak to BH: Master Box 2 points, Support 2-4 each 1 Point"

so for effectively bypassing block this might be the best option. ground out mbh and climb the gcw ladder.
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