What food would you prefer?

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What food would you prefer?

Postby Lliane » Thu Jul 02, 2015 11:39 am


i've done a lot of testing with the different kind of food and drinks and would like to hear what you guys would prefer.
I am not talking about PVE food. We all know that we eat for PVE. Mostly im asking about what food with what stats would be best in PVP to use or what you want it to be like ^^

Question 1:
Pikatta over Air cake?
Air cake has low filling but doesnt give as much dodge increase than pikatta pie.
Which one would you prefer?
Pikatta low filling: ~ 22fill 43% 17m12s
Pikatta normal filling: ~ 27fill 49% 22m28s
Air Cake low filling: ~ 7fill 29% 12m34s
Air Cake normal filling: ~ 9fill 35% 13m5s

Question 2:
Exo-Wafers vs. Synthsteak:
Which one would you rather use?
Exo: ~ 4filling 25% 16attks
Synth low filling: ~ 21filling 35% 26attks
Synth normal filling: ~ 25filling 41% 26attks
Synth max def: ~ 27filling 44% 28attks

Question 3:
Which one would you prefer :)

Thaktillo min filling: ~37filling +84DEFvsKD 10m30s
Thaktillo max def: ~42filling +99DEFvsKD 10min10s

i will add more when i get the time.
Just let me know what u would prefer and why :)


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