Pet special attack definitions

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Pet special attack definitions

Postby Woha » Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:57 am

Maybe someone else need this too:
Posted from SteakKnife on swgcreatures forum:
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I made some additions from what pet you can get this specials:
Can be made by BE and found on wild tameble pets.
Can only be fount on wild tameble pets.
This only have wild not tameble pets.

Blinding Strike - state Blind
Dizzy Strike - state Dizzy
Stunning Strike - state Stunned
Intimidation - state Intimidated

Crippling Strike - posture down one level
Knockdown - posture Knocked Down

Open Wounds* - state Bleeding (if wounded)
Mild Poison - state Poisoned (weak)
Medium Poison - state Poisoned (medium)
Strong Poison - state Poisoned (strong)

Poison Spray* - state Poisoned (AoE)

Mild Disease - state Diseased (weak)
Medium Disease - state Diseased (medium)
Strong Disease - state Diseased (strong)

Plague Strike* - state Diseased (AoE)

Force Strike* - state Dizzy and posture Knocked Down
Force Blow* - state Dizzy and posture Knocked Down (AoE)
Area Combo* - states Dizzy, Stunned, Intimidated, and Blind (AoE)

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