Strength of Poison/Disease

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Strength of Poison/Disease

Postby Woha » Wed Jun 15, 2016 2:01 pm

Hey I found on SWGemu this thread from Kryyss.

A copy what Kryyss wrote:
The highest damage on a samplable species is 730, which means @ 75% the Strong Disease will do 547 wound per tick and a total of around 2737 overall... Without doing any serious testing I would presume that Medium Disease is 50% of max damage and Mild is 25%...

Do you guys have any experience with the ammount and strength of mild/medium/strong Poison and Disease ticks?

I think about the best way to test it here on Revelation.

Maybe this way(not sure):
None armored Target with 0%/25%/x% Kinetic Resist
Light armored Target with 0%/25%/x% Kinetic Resist
Normal and in rage mode
First with strong poison
Maybe different attack Speed?

Test record:
dmg of attack
strength per tick
time between ticks
ammount of ticks

Cheers Woha

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