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Entertainer Overhaul

Posted: Sun Aug 23, 2015 3:01 am
by Syntax42
From: viewtopic.php?f=128&t=700

An Entertainer Overhaul is mentioned. I look forward to seeing what HK has in mind for this.

I had some ideas on this. The main thing I would like to see is to have the option for Entertainers to be more than just AFK buff bots.
Make them able to buff and heal mind wounds (and maybe battle fatigue) outside of cantinas because Doctors can buff/heal wounds outside of hospitals, at a reduced effectiveness of course.
Add a heal mind ability or item craftable only by Entertainers. This would give them a combat utility.
Reduce point costs for training in Entertainer/Dancer/Musician. This would allow a build that has some combat or other use instead of just filling up the entire build with Master Dancer and Master Musician.