Novice Brawler to TKM - A Mini Guide

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Novice Brawler to TKM - A Mini Guide

Postby NaTaS » Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:35 pm

This guide was created by Kyodor & Tathizar and pulled from the SWG Taras Kasi Artist forum (Archive)

Let's face it - unarmed XP is a pain in the early stages. Countless number of times I hear "Whats the best way to get Unarmed 4, TKM, etc". This is my view on how to level from Novice Brawler, to TKM.

Shopping List:

- Speed Sliced Vibro Knucler (abb. VK) - You are not certified until TKN, but the speed still kicks in.
- 70% Kinetic Ubese Armour
- Vasarian Brandy
- Ahrisa (Optional)
- A Solo group. This is where you join a big group to get xp bonus and higher level missions, but do them on your own. Hence the name Solo Group. Shouting for one in Coronet or Dantooine will usually get you a invite within minutes.
- Doctor "buffs"

"The Grind":

Unarmed 1 - 3:

Note: During these stages Berserk1 and a speed sliced VK will outdamage any special you can do. Leave specials except Berserk alone here.

Method 1: Kill newbie spawns outside newbie cities. Personally I choce Coronet, but any newbie citiy - Mos Eisely, Mos Entha, Mos Espa, Theed, Kaadara, Keren, etc will work well.

Method 2: Lesser Plain Bols on Dantooine. Use Berserk, VK. Buffs and Brandy/Ahrisa is optional. Ubese Armour is a necessity.

Method 3 (Untested): Squill Caves on Tatooine. This may be very slow, and is not highly recommended at such a low stage of unarmed progression.

Unarmed 4 - TKN:
Note: When Unarmed 4 - You get a great new attack. UnarmedSpinAttack1. This is a AoE (Area of Effect) attack, this will become the primary "Grinding" special.

Method 1: Continue with Lesser Plain Bols. This is a slow, but safe method, and low maintenance due to only thing you need, being a speed sliced VK and Ubese Armour.

Method 2: Standard Quenkers. This is my preferred method. Berserk, VK, and keep pounding on them. If possible, after the first wave of Quenkers are dead, ride to the other mission, kill them off, return to the first one, and repeat. Spawns come in 3 "waves". The proximity Quenkers at the beginning, the second wave when the lair is first hit, and the third when the lair has lost approximately 1/3 of its Life.

Method 3: Hurrton Missions: Similar method to Standard Quenkers, but I cannot elaborate too much as I have not focused on using this leveling method. Low Kinetic resists. Focus here on using SpinAttack to take down several Hurrtons at once.

Method 4: Squill Caves on Tatooine. Not recommended due to low DPS against Squill's high HAM.

TKN - Power Techniques 4:
Note: Get Balance Conditioning 1 first, then finish Power Techniques, get up to Meditate 2, then finish off at will.

Method 1: Quenkers until Power Techniques 4. If you have Balance Conditioning 1, armour is not even a necessity. Knockdown1, then keep hitting UnarmedHit2. But precaution leads you to wear armour. Buffs are recommended. If buffed, use SpinAttack constantly, whilst 6m away from the lair. Be sure to use Brandy or triple Ahrisa, to negate Mind consumption.

Method 2: Hurrtons. Similar to quenkers.

Method 3: Squill Cave on Tatooine. Recommended after you get Power Techniques 2. With this you may be able to get a higher amount of XP.

Power Techniques - TKM:
Doctor buffs are highly recommended !

Method 1: Savage Quenkers. Spin Attack, or go for the KD + UnarmedHit2. Unarmed Combo 1 is preferred if you have it due to it having the highest DPS on any single pool.

Method 2: Hurrton Stalkers. Same as Savage Quenkers.

Method 3: Rancor Valley. Go to the Dathomir Sarlaac, and search in a radius around that area and you should locate a large amount of Rancors. This is Rancor Valley. Buffs and Ubese Armour highly recommended.

Method 4: Squill Cave. Spin Attack, Spin Attack, Spin Attack. Many have recommended a SpinAttack macro like this:

/macro Spin Attack

Using this, running through the cave can "train" a large amount of Squills, which will all wield large amounts of XP when killed.


Just a note if this is your first profession - TKM is gained by Apprentiship Points which are only available by teaching other people your skills. Best way to go about this is to stand by Brawler or Teras Kasi trainers, and offer to train people for free. Other ways are if you have a friend, teaching Ranged Support 1 and Exploration/Hunting skills over and over again whilst your friends surrender the skills, is a good way to go abotu it, if they have stocked combat/scout XP from previous "grinds".

Extra Notes:

- VKs increase your HAM costs significantly. Never attempt to use specials, at least not frequently, when unbuffed.
- Do not use Body Hit 1. It is a inferior special to Unarmed Combo 1. Unarmed Combo 1 has the highest DPS on a single pool. That pool - is Health.
- Unarmed Knockdown 1 will add a big multiplier to your damage if you follow up when they are knocked down.
- Dizzy does not work on creatures. Only NPCs.
- PowerBoost skill enhances your Primary Stats by 50% of your Mind Stat. Therefore it is well worth cutting your Health and Action down to put into your Mind pool.
- The Precision Striking tree, is gained by combat XP. This will come along as you gain the other trees in Teras Kasi.

for those who want to master teras kasi..

Novice Brawler - Unarmed IV:

-Go out and buy yourself a speed sliced vibro knuckler. Speed should be from 1.4 - 1.6, equip it. Don't worry about that it says you don't have the skill to use it.. you will still attack ALOT faster (try unequipping attack then equip and see the difference)
-Now, go outside any major city and attack the low level mobs that spawn(no buffs needed but novice medic and stim Bs are convienent) continue to attack till you get to unarmed II.
-Once your at unarmed II, get buffed, get brandy or musician buffs and get some armor (ubese is fine since all you need is kinetic resistance)
-Head to dantooine and join a solo group. Your looking for quenker missions that payout between 5k and 5.4k from what I have seen. They may take a bit of time to find since you will be in a group and the mission difficulties are usually higher than that.
-Quenkers DO NOT SLAY and they give 3188 unarmed xp per kill if memory serves correct. Quenkers can spawn up to 5 at a time if your group is large enough. so that means that you will have unarmed III by time time you kill the first spawn. you can train that right away if you want, or work more on the lair. 3188*15 = roughly 47k, add on the xp from the lair and you get 50k that means you can get unarmed III and IV in 2 quenker lairs.

Unarmed IV to Teras Kasi Novice:

- Same as grinding for unarmed III and IV, it will take a bit longer since you have to get 125k xp, but from previous calculations that is 3 quenker lairs in a solo group.

Teras Kasi Novice:

-This is where you will notice a HUGE difference in your ability to kill things you finally get to use your vk and your damage accuracy and speed go way up, not to mention you get unarmed hit 2.

What trees to go up first:

-Without a doubt go up the POWER TECHNIQUES tree first, all the way to power tech IV. Not only does this add to your unarmed damage and speed (two very key things..) but you also get unarmedspin attack2 in that tree.
-Go up the meditation branch next all the way to meditate IV. each meditate allows you to do more with meditating. Meditate I allows you to heal bleeding over time, meditate II allows you to powerboost, meditate III heals your poison and diseases over time, and last but not least meditate IV heals your wounds and gives your Force of Will. The reason you go up meditate before balance conditioning is this. With every tree you get in balance conditioning you get less xp per kill. that means if you have intermediate balance conditioning you will get more xp per kill then if you killed the same creature with master balance conditioning. You have to get both trees anyways and balance conditioning won't help you with the grind since you should be using spinAttack2.
-Finally get the balance conditioning branch.
- as usual you should be near the combat xp you need to master precision striking by the time you get the rest of the profession if you didn't already have 300k combat xp saved up

What to kill to get to master:

-as a teras kasi novice you will do more damage, but it still works better to continue with quenkers and spin attack1. do this until you get EXPERT POWER TECHNIQUES and spin attack2, by now you will notice you are doing alot more damage alot quicker. when this happens you will switch to HUURTON STALKER missions. these give around 5000 xp per kill and again spawn 5 at a time in a solo group. Do the math and you get 80k per lair and you will notice they die just as quick as quenkers they just do a little more damage. Huurton Stalkers DO slay so be careful there, but you should still be fine with armor and buffs. Huurton Stalkers payout around 10k credits per mission, do not get them confused with piket protector lairs that payout around the same amount. People might tell you that there isn't much of a difference, but Pikets can be a very big pain as they have an intimidate attack and defense vs kinetic damage. Stick with Stalkers all the way to master!!

For those who are trying to max out there unarmed xp...

- Huurton Stalker missions. 10k payout. You will get 80k xp per mission and if you are a teras kasi master you can do a stalker mission in like 2-3 minutes with spin attack2... add in travel time of course, but you can get that maxed out in 1 buff easy.
- Another choice is Giant Baz nitch missions on dathomir. Get in a Solo group and head to dathomir, Giant Baz nitches payout at 10k, and they are same as huurton stalkers for xp. 5k per baz nitch, 5 per wave, 80k per mission. And the good thing about these is that you are on the same planet you need to be for the cap, so just drive down to the village then head back up for more missions

-- Bored at works so thought I might help out with some guides in the profession sections of the site --

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Re: Novice Brawler to TKM - A Mini Guide

Postby Exodus » Fri Apr 17, 2015 8:03 pm

Stickied. Nice work NataS :)

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