Commando Flame DOTs

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Commando Flame DOTs

Postby kaitlin86 » Sat Apr 02, 2016 9:01 pm

Was trying to figure out how exactly the commando flame dots worked in SWGEmu. From what I can find on the forums each special (I.e. flame single 1, flame single 2, ect.) applies it's own dot and all four stack with each other for four dots total. The dots last for 60 seconds which about 5-6 ticks after accounting for server lag. The damage is 10% of the attacks base damage (the attacks actual damage before armor, resists, or any other mitigation is applied) and the wounds applied is 2% of base damage plus 1% for every point of battle fatigue the target has.

Can anyone confirm that this how they actually work here on Rev?
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Re: Commando Flame DOTs

Postby Niche » Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:28 pm

Was curious about this myself. Did a little research. It appears that what you posted, most of which can be found here: ... 210154659/

is sited on the main SWGEmu page, and listed in their bug tracker files as points to reference. If you have access, you can also see their QA and other developers doing work and stating these are currently in effect on their Live. Evidently they pushed a patch that monkeyed around with how bleeds, dots and diseases where effected by armor and BF. It been since resolved and working pretty much as you posted.

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