Was your skill nerfed?

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Was your skill nerfed?

Postby honkwomp » Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:36 pm

This is back from when Tamers and Bards got the huge nerf hammer when I played UO.

It is so many years ago, I cannot recall if it is my original work or not, but I believe it is. Many of us who play games know that sooner or later, the devs are gonna pound down on one skill or another, usually the one that is part of one's template
So, here is a song a dev might sing

I have a job and they keep score
on the lines I write,
good is more
So I write lines until I cry
Churn out that code
When the boss comes by
I get bored a fixing bugs
So I hide the code sheets under rugs
I tell the boss it’s all just fine
And change the game 'round one more time
One thing that's sure to please my boss
Is the code I write for power loss
I nerf that sucker till it makes you mad
And nerf it more till it makes you sad
Nerf to the tamer cause i don't like critters
Nerf to mage (they are nothing but bank sitters)
Nerf to the archer cause feathers make me sneeze
Nerf to the Swordsman just perty as you please
Nerf to the bard, bunch a loot grabbing monkeys
Nerf to the poisoner cause the skill is kinda funky
Nerf to the smithy, they have ingots on the brain
Nerf to the carpenter, hittin' nails is such a pain
Nerf to the beggar (what kind of skill is this?)
Nerf to the tinker with a simple lemon twist
Nerf to the picker, the carto, the vet
Preprogram nerfs on skills not here yet
Nerf that darn red, and then nerf the blue
And hey, while I got ya, the orange fella too
I gotta nerf, I cannot take pause
Nerfing, it tasks me, it calls me, it does!
When I nerf a skill, its pleasing to none
Nerf to you lamer! Hey! This is fun!
Its quicker to nerf one than fix 20 others
Besides those skills belong to my brothers!
What are you yelling at me for? I did not suggest it, I just agreed with it!

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