Patchnotes - 30 March 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Changes:
Fixed: Jedi Shrine Jedi Pre Padawans can meditate again after they visit the elder
Fixed: Elder Conversation stops now at the end
Fixed: Fixed Typo in Special Vendor Display with 16 Points, Robe Cost 15
Fixed: Marauder Boots in Set 1
Fixed: give the KimogilaPearl a new Name
Modified: Kimogila Pearl can reach better stats and higher chance of better FC
Modified: Revive Range increased from 7 to 15 m
Modified: Drag Player works now on Death Players
Modified: PVP Betsine HQ Spawns reduced
Modifed: PVP Generals have a additional mechanic
Modified: ForceChoke depends now on forcethrow_accuracy skill
Modified: add forcethrow_accuracy to CA Loottable
Modified: ForcePowerSkills: reduced 0.5 sec in time (Force ChokeReduced from 6sec to 5sec)
Modified: ForcePowerSkills: added some acc Bonus to some skills
FIELDTEST (can be reverted): Modified: ForcePowerSkills: several Powers got a PVEDMGmultiplier *2
Modified: A lot of ForcePowerskills habe raised Range from 32 to 40 m

Server Info

Staff Change

Welcome Toni as new Event Staff member.

And thank you Tiny for your hard work. We upgrade your Account to a full Admin Account

Installed Mods

High Texture Mod
SWGEmu LOD Tweak
[MTG] My Dantooine 2.0
[MTG] Naboo Player Buildings
[MTG] Sytner's Satellite Maps
Music Mod Version 2.1

Server Rates

PVP (only Overt)
GlobalImperial = 1.15 XP
Global RebelBonus = 1.5 XP

Combat EXP 1.5/+50%
Crafting EXP 5/+400%
Medical EXP 3/+200%
Entertainer EXP 5/+400%
Scout EXP 3/+200%
Survey EXP 10/+900%
DNA Harvesting EXP 3/+200%
Political EXP 2/+100%
ImageDesign EXP 3/+200%
Merchant EXP 2/+100%
Slicing EXP 2/+100%
Bountyhunter XP 2.5/+150%
CreaturehandlerExp 2/+100%
Group XP 1.25/+25%
Stored Creaturepets 4
Stored Factionpets 3
Stored Droids 6
Stored Vehicles 6
Stored Ships 3