Patchnotes - 29 April 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Changes:
Fixed: HAM Reggen Calculation reworked (Entertainer Action Bug)
Fix the Skill Tables, with that several things working for some classes
Modify Powers the Next Round
Modify Carabiners, small DMG and cone increase
Modify Polemen, adjusting subskills that they scale better with the higher skill
Fix GCW Reward Trader
Modify in CH Embolden and Embedded Commands... LOVE LOVE LOVE :)
Modify in BE Experimentation a success and a Amazing Success have now a higher effect
Conceal Duration of the Buff is now much longer
Elitebosses spawns now Random
Swoop Engineer - 2 Engineers spawning on Tatooine and 2 on Lok, the Lootchance for a Podracer is 10% Godzilla - 3 Godzilla spawning on Yavin 4, they drop now +1 item more
Mothra - 3 Mothras spawning on Talus, they drop now +1 item more
Peko Brutmother- You will find some 3 Birds on Naboo +2 Egg More

Changes in the Movement:
Runspeed of a Mount is a bit faster
Gallopspeed hold now 5 min, 60 sec cooldown and is faster now, some Creatures have here a higher Speed as
the V35, XP38 are now faster
the podracers are slower now

tried to fix the Vehicle Invisible Bug, maybe its shit then we will revert it instantly
changes in the Defense Calculation, the hardcap is now a more dynamical cap. I would like to test this a week out and see how its working in the praxis

Patchnotes - 07 April 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Changes:

Fixed: HAM Reggen Calculation reworked (Entertainer Action Bug)
Fixed: Add extra check for Kimogila Pearl tuning

Modified: Raised he acc Penalty caused by Battlefatique
New: Stamina and Constitution Wounds have a effect on the received DMG. At the moment dmg = dmg * (1+wounds/1500).

New: Fullsuits. Long Year since we start with the full suit implementation ... fact is we cant bring them in without a super high effort to modify Alien Armorsets (like for Trandoshans that they have feets.) So we try now a other way out. Minisuits will work 100% like before, but for each Armor Part you wear additional you will get a small Bonus. For Example wearing 3 Armorparts more as a Minisuit you will get a 6% Extra Roll. If you hit the Roll the dmg is reduced by 50% because of your heavy fortification.

New: FC of AvoidIncap are now depending on the BF Ratio.
Add: MSG Text for Fleet Reinforcements
Add: new Worldboss Surgisquill
Add locks that a jedi need to unlearn all gcw skills first before become a padawan
Add locks no gcw training if creature has jediskills
Add 360 Day Vet Rewars
Modified: Lower Global XP Bonus back to 1 (xmas and easter are over :) )
Modified: Raised the Imp/Rep Overt Xp Bonu to 1.25

Add: BH Armor Drops to Panthera
Add: Melee Mitigation 1 at Master Doc, add Doc Tree 12 points more defense
Add: 10 Points Creature Knowledge in the smuggler Tree
Add: 40 Points Creature Knowledge in the CH Trees
Add: CA Creature Knowledge
New: Creature Knowledge Skill reduce dmg = dmg* (1- (creatureKnowledge/200) * 0,25)
Add: Master Smugglers can drag incapped Players and got healing_injury_treatment=5,healing_wound_treatment=5,healing_injury_speed=5
Add some Throw ACC/Speed to the Smuggler tree. Add certifications for Glop and cryoban nades
Add: Additioonal Lootchance for Kimogila Pearl/Blood on Alumn Mine Bosses & Yavin Mite Queen
modified: spawnmechanism for PVP HQ Bosses to prevent that they spawn twice

Add: Nightsister Jedi Hat's (wearable by male/female and some Aliens)
Add: Mountainclan Jedi Hat's (wearable by male/female and some Aliens)
Add: Wooki Jedi Hood (wearable by male/female wookies)
Add: Ithorian Jedi Hood (wearable by male/female inthorians)
Add: Twilek Jedi Hood (wearable by male/female Twileks)
Add: Lootchance to Pirate Boss to get a Jedi Hood :)
Add: new Badges
Fixed: several missing Stings in the Skillview

Add: Decay to Jedi Hats
Fix: Decay on Clothes working now correctly
Modify: Droids can be called if they are dead (to get items out)
Modify: Reduced Healaggro
Fixed: Permission Problems on Lottery Loot Wins
Fixed: The PVE DMG Modiferflag was not correct applied

Add: second lootroll on Phantera WB
Add: every WB gives you now a free Buff Token (option on gcw not stackable only 1 buff available)
Add: new Pictures

Note: for some of the values we have had only a feeling from some tests, they are not graved in stone. So lets play a bit with them and if they are to strong give a feedback.

Happy Birthday Revelation !

  • Written by Holocron

With all the latest patches & development, we have totally forgotten our Birthday party! So we will make an after-birthday birthday party on the 20th of April, the day we announced our server on the SWGEMU boards. We have been online a bit longer than that, but April 20 is a good date. So prepare yourself for a special Birthday Week.

After more than one year there has not been a single wipe, nor has there been a single hour rollback. All in all, there have been absolutely no issues and no big down times. We are one of the best (I would say THE best) server out there in stability, with no wipe and no rollbacks, and no downtime.
We have added, modified, and rewritten so many things in C++ and Scriptcode, and the stability and performance of our code speaks for itself

But the best thing about our server: Drama free! We have a super nice Community with lots of helpful players. We love you, Revelation Family ! Thanks for your Support.
Thanks also to the SWGEmu Team for their work and the cooperation.

We have had so many changes, patches and commits, there are too many to list here. If you want the full list you will find them here:
Patches Part 1:
Patches Part 2:

We and the community also have several Friday Features for you. You can get more information here:
Friday Features:

Now after a year, we are at a great stage. Our goal was for us to be different than the other servers. So we decided to bring in new content, focus more on group play, bring The War back to the galaxy, balance all professions, and find the compromises between a stable economy and players who have a life beside the game.

New Content:
We have new instanced and single dungeons. We have several fully automated world events running randomly. We have some new quests, traders & merchant’s locations (where crafters can sell goods) and some new locations where the Czerka Corporation has part ownership in the galaxy. We have NGE houses, armors, speeders, weapons, new crafting components, jewelry and our own new Bio Engineering possibilities. There are player Merchant Shops in the Coronet, Mos Eisley, Theed.
We have our own unique Jedi unlock system and new GCW Skills/Profession that you can develop after you have reached your 250 Skill points.
Our dungeons have traps, our own boss mechanics, some riddles and we are well on our way to more dynamic objects.

We have reworked Bestine, there are now 3 flip-able Faction HQs in the Town, Imperial and Rebel Spawn points, GCW Buffers (which trade Faction Points into Buffs), scripted PVP Events, Reinforcement Ship transports, GCW Skills, GCW Vendors with special Items ... for a complete update please look at our patch notes or FF (or visit us, ask and play)

Group play & Balance:
We love when people team up, but in a world where a (InsertUberProfesion) with good armor can solo everything, what is the reason for a group ? Why is a doctor only a buffing bot in a hospital?
Rifleman, Swordsman, Jedi ... and mind damage galore. But there are 3 Pools. The best way to bring something down is hitting the mind pool. That’s no good for the classes who don’t have the skills for that. Also, it’s not good to see that their CM/DOC/Medic is useless and only a Jedi is needed...
We didn’t like it that way so we changed it. For example, battle fatigue has an influence on accuracy, stimpacks heal an additional bit of Mind damage. So Doctors / CM /Medics are more useful now, and have additional skill mods and defense skills, the aggro table has been re-worked that the next big heal might send you to the cloner, the healing ranges are higher and the heal skills more effective.
Taunt is better and with some items you can play a any role, damage role or healer role.
TKM have lost a bit toughness and other classes got some love. Rangers and Smugglers can now use medium level pets. CH got a lot love, same as Carbineer, Ranger, Commando, Pikemen and .... (insert long list here)
When I looked back, I thought: “Oh within the next 6 month the balance will be perfect”, ... but we are now a year old and we are still unfinished. We make small changes and then test to see how it goes. We get feedback from our community and more importantly, play some classes to get a feel for the changes. So, we take our time, but I think we have made great progress and are on the right path.
People love the group play and the easy access for big groups on world events. You can still play solo, but most of our new content is for 3 player groups or more. So, make new friends and get back the feeling that you are not alone in this big sandbox.

Economy & Difficulty:
Our economy is stable, the market is running well, and new people can easily establish a new trading business. Most people have played SWG before. However, they do not look forward to the long grind all over again. We have family, we have friends, we have a life. So we added several different XP bonus multipliers. It’s a lot faster than the original version, but you need still to work for it. And you still feel you have accomplished something. It’s not hardcore but also, it’s not a giveaway...

We gave crafters high experience bonuses, because grinding out 29829191 useless items is no fun. Most crafters spend their time after grinding to collect harvesters, hunt resources, build up and decorate a shop, and build up a customer community. So they can grind fast and then start with the important work. Because becoming a successful crafter after the grind takes long enough.

We have raised the difficulty in the old dungeons and our new dungeons have several difficulty levels from easy to hard. Same as our World events... they hurt and your group will wipe if you don’t work together as a team. New content will follow that path and you have to work till you can complete a dungeon Equip yourself, learn the tactics and have a good fight.

All in All:
It took a while to become familiar with the code, even with over 20 years coding knowledge it was a challenge to fully understand it. But now we have our prototypes, own templates, own libraries, our own Helpers .... so adding new content like the next instanced Dungeon or making the next PVP Cities will be super easy. That’s with the exiting prototypes tested, stable and performance code behind us. From now on, we will use the same stable calls so new content in the way of our prototypes will be as stable as the current content, and keep us a rock solid, stable Server

Thank you Revelation Family for this good first Year. Let’s prepare our party and walk then into the next year

Patchnotes - 30 March 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Changes:
Fixed: Jedi Shrine Jedi Pre Padawans can meditate again after they visit the elder
Fixed: Elder Conversation stops now at the end
Fixed: Fixed Typo in Special Vendor Display with 16 Points, Robe Cost 15
Fixed: Marauder Boots in Set 1
Fixed: give the KimogilaPearl a new Name
Modified: Kimogila Pearl can reach better stats and higher chance of better FC
Modified: Revive Range increased from 7 to 15 m
Modified: Drag Player works now on Death Players
Modified: PVP Betsine HQ Spawns reduced
Modifed: PVP Generals have a additional mechanic
Modified: ForceChoke depends now on forcethrow_accuracy skill
Modified: add forcethrow_accuracy to CA Loottable
Modified: ForcePowerSkills: reduced 0.5 sec in time (Force ChokeReduced from 6sec to 5sec)
Modified: ForcePowerSkills: added some acc Bonus to some skills
FIELDTEST (can be reverted): Modified: ForcePowerSkills: several Powers got a PVEDMGmultiplier *2
Modified: A lot of ForcePowerskills habe raised Range from 32 to 40 m

Patchnotes - 28 March 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Changes:
fixed: If you die Overt you have 1% decay on Insured Items, and only 2 % on other
Items. Filling/Drink ist Set to 0, Jedi XP Loss is 50%
Modified: PVP Event Generals have now only gen3 Sabers and are in the DMG massive reduced
Add: 2 new Marauder Armorsets
Add: NS & Mountainclan Clothes with Jedi & Normal Stats
Add: Add Coloroptions to all 3 Maraudersets
Activated:Special PVP Reward Vendor
Activated: Reward PVP Vendor
Available Items:
 - Shatterpoint Cloak: rebel, NoTrade, Jedi Defense 5, Jedi Toughness 5, Melee Defense 10, Force Max +450, Force Regen 25 
 - Cloak of Hate: imperial, NoTrade, Jedi Defense 5, Jedi Toughness 5, Melee Defense 10, Force Max +450, Force Regen 25 
 - Imperial Snowtrooper Armor
 - Rebel Snowtrooper Armor 
 - Large Windowed Houses
 - Marauder Set 1
 - Marauder Set2
 - Credits
fixed: Kimogilas have now Bones
fixed: ForceChoke Accuracy
removed: Swordsman master from Axva Min (Lower Dmg) *DMG is now under
investigation if it fits
fixed: Jedi Creatures have now a better Skillselection (Lowered dmg)
fixed: lowerd base dmg for Bludgeon Jedi NPC
fixed: derwish range
raised Bestine Bastion NPC Respawnclocks , NPCS respawn will be take some more time now
modified: Raised Force Knockdown 1-3 State Values
modified: lowerd Fc on Force Lighntning Single
modified: reduced speed from forceLightning Single& cone I & II to 3 sec
modified: reduced fc on ForceLightningCone 2
modified: reduced Time on ForceWeaken I & II
modified: Raised State Value on forceThrow I & II
modified: Raised Range in ForceThrow I & II to 40m
modified: Force Lightning I has a stuneffect now
modified: Force Lightning II has a better stuneffect now
modified: Force Lightning II & ForceLightningCone II have a small Poison Effect aftershock
fixed: Panthera Timer Message
fixed: jedi village spawns
Temporary in to Help the Rebel side out:
NPC Guards from Barracs, Depot and Bastion are reduced on the Imp Side
If a General is killed, there is a high chance that Reinforcements will come
Summerplan: All Items will become Schematics

Patchnotes - 24 March 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Fixes & Changes:
Fix Panthera Timer
Fix Event Ewok
Fix V35 Vehicle
Fix Clientside Vehicle TRE File
Ithorians can now wear Pirate Necklaces
Raise HP From all PSG's
Raised Lootchance (Alumn Mine HC) for Captains Ring and Mystery Ring
Add slow Decay for Rings during combat
Raised Timer for Bludgeon
Add Clothes with Stats to Bludgeon Loottables
add PVEDMg Multiplier so that we can change in the future Values for PVE on each skill

Buffoptions on the Bactagrils are now cheaper and Higher
Add new VIP Buff Option to BactaGirls

If you die overt and clone:
Filling/Food - Drink is reduced to 0
Decay is only 50%
Jedi XP Loss is 50% reduced

GCW Changes:
Buffoptions on the Bactagrils are now cheaper and Higher
Add new VIP Buff Option to BactaGirls
Add GCW Skill Block Break
Add blockBreak to BH: Master Box 2 points, Support 2-4 each 1 Point
Add GCW Skill Trainer
Add special Lootflag to the Bestine HQ Bosses
Add GCW Reward Vendor Level 1
Flipping a HQ gives now 250 extra Faction as reward
Trade 1 Lootflag against 7500 Cred
Trade 3 Lootflag against 30000 CredTrade 5 Lootflag against 75000 Cred
Trade 1 Lootflags against a special Lootgroup Roll
Trade 3 Lootflags against a special Lootgroup Roll
Trade 5 Lootflags against a special Lootgroup Roll
Trade 5 Lootflags against a random item from the GCW Armor Set
Trade 5 Lootflags against a random item from the GCW Jedi Set

Add GCW Special Vendor:
You can Earn Special Lootflags in the PVP Events:
Trade 1 special Lootflag against 25000 Cred
Trade 5 special Lootflag against yyy
Trade 5 special Lootflag against yyy
Trade 15 special Lootflag against the Shatterpoint Cloak
Trade 15 special Lootflag against the Robe of Hate
Trade 5 special Lootflag against xxx
Trade 5 special Lootflag against xxx
Trade 20 special Lootflags against a Large Window House Style 1
Trade 20 special Lootflags against a Large Window House Style 2
** xxx,yyy special and new Weapon and armor schematics will come some days later
Add GCW Buff NPC in Bestine imp/reb Spawn Area
buy 2000HA/750M/1h for 500 FP
buy 3000HA/1000M/1h for 1000 FP
buy 4000HA/2000M/1h for 1500 FP
Add Faction Scanner to imp/reb Spawn Area
Lower DMG from all Faction NPC in Bestine (Temp Test)
If all 3 HQ are in the same Hand there will be the chance to trigger special Events:
Imp Side: chance that Luke/Leia/Han/chewie appears somewhere in Bestine. Fight them down and win a Reward Cloud
Reb Side: chance that Vader/Palpertine/Mara appears somewhere in Bestine. Fight them down and win a Reward Cloud
Global: chance that a Factional Control Post appears somewhere with a Overt Scanner

Camping 1-4: reduced Skillpoints: 1,2,3,4 instead of 2,3,4,5
Raise Trap Damage, depending on the Trapping Skill
Add Trapping CA

Ammount of Eggs raised

throwGranade - all nades PVE Bonus *1,5
scatter shot 1 pve Bonus * 1,25
scatter shot 2 pve Bonus * 1,5

Starter Professions:
Medic Novice costs now 10 Skillpoints instead of 15
Marksmen Novice costs now 10 Skillpoints instead of 15
Brawler Novice costs now 10 Skillpoints instead of 15
Scout Novice costs now 10 Skillpoints instead of 15
Entertainer Novice costs now 0 Skillpoints instead of 15

Jedi & Forcepowers Changes:
Medic Novice costs now 10 Skillpoints instead of 15
saber Throw 1 pve Bonus * 1,20
saber Throw 2 pve Bonus * 1,30
saber Throw 3 pve Bonus * 1,50
[adjusted] more damage amounts on various Force 'Powers' attacks
ForceChoke raised DMg min 400, max 600, lower fc to 300
Forceintimidate1: FC from 300 -> 200
Forceintimidate2: FC from 500 -> 350
ForceWeaken1: Debuffs Enemy for -600 instead of -300
ForceWeaken2: Debuffs Enemy for -1000 instead of -600
ForceWeaken vs NonPlayer Debuffs * 3.0 higher
[fixed] force intimidate2 is now an aoe attack
[modified] Force Lightning damage amounts to be more accurate emulation of 'live'
Force Lightning1Cone : swgemu: dmg 400, fc 125, speed 4 -> rev mindmg 700 max - dmg 1000, fc 100, speed 3.5
Force Lightning2Cone : swgemu: dmg 800, fc 250, speed 4 -> rev mindmg 1000 max - dmg 1800, fc 175, speed 4.0
ForceLigthningSingle1: swgemu: dmg 750, fc 75, speed 4.0 -> rev mindmg 800 maxdmg 1250, speed 3.5, fc 75
ForceLigthningSingle2: swgemu: dmg 1500, fc 150, speed 4.0 -> rev mindmg 1500 maxdmg 2000, speed 3.5, fc 125
Force Powers on NonPlayers: Dmg * 2.5

Creature Handler:
(its a test ! no granted to be stay in)
Banthas have now a bit more HAM and 15% Armor
Razor Cats have 20% Armor amd got Higher DMG
Rancors have higher Stats
Embolden pet:
 - Raise duration to 4 min
 - Raise Buff from 15% to 50%
Enrage pets:
 - Raise duration from 1 min to 2 min 
 - Dmg Bonus Raised from 15% to 30%

Add improved Job Market to Stronghold Spec
Add Cloning Center to Strongholdspec
lowered costs: 
 - Entertainer District
 - Improve Job Market
 - Research Center
 - Clone Lab
Sample Rich
Enable City Warn (test)
Raised Decorations Per Rank from 10 to 15

Merge to the SWGEMU unstable branch:
[fixed] stability issue
[corrected] previously mis-placed 'objects' within Rebel detachment HQ
[added] height cache clear count
[added] more height cache stats
[added] path finder manager logging to file
[fixed] uncaught array exception in CombatManager::attemptPeace
[fixed] rotation 'headings' of certain public Shipwright
[fixed] out of bounds exception on invalid selected item in sign sui
[adjusted] size of Ancient Krayt Dragon to be more accurate emulation,
[added] closeObjects range is now defined in a single location
[removed] deprecated member from PlayerObject
[fixed] Transport-shuttles should no longer register when using
[fixed] 'Peace' should now clear the combat-queue, Mantis 6346
[fixed] force power damage is no longer reduced by the defenders
[fixed] force powers no longer deduct the equipped weapon's force/ham
[fixed] force intim, weaken, choke still costing weapon's ham/force
[Refactored] force choke to function like other dots, fixes mantis 5210,
[adjusted] the 'scaling' of Chewbacca (and a few other mobs around the
[modified] Force Choke attack to have proper 'accuracy'
[changed] certain NPCs in Kor Vella 'Cloning Facility' to be
[removed] DEFAULT 'attack' command from invading the combat-queue,
[removed] some no longer needed code/object members
[added] more experimental terrain cache
[adjusted] the 'scaling' of Leviasquall and Mammoth Bearded Jax,
[fixed] wrong min float values
[fixed] some terrain cache fixes
[changed] reenabled terrain cache
[fixed] Master BH attack-special 'Fast Blast', Mantis 3552
Rev: raise DMG from 3.65 to 4.15 (swgemu value) Effect on all Pools was already in
[modified] attack commands 'Disarming Shot2' and 'Pistol Melee
Add KnockdownRecovery to Pistol Melee, Remove it from Disarming Shoot
[fixed] jedi heal issues mantis #6560
Changed Bleedinghealvalue from 30 to 150 Rev setting
[removed] Unused rohak convotemplate.
[fixed] more *syntax-error* file names from 'Blue Frog' deco items,
[added] evictCount to TerrainCache
[adjusted] loot-tables for all 'Aakuans', Mantis 6572
[modified] resource requirements for 'Bubble Tank' schematic crafting
[modified] screenplay 'populations' to various buildings around the
[Changed] special attack dots can now have their default potency
[fixed] creature special attack dots now apply to the pool that was
[added] stack trace printing for invalid height requests
[fixed] Jedi going down in jedistate when talking to Rohak (Mantis #6545
[fixed] some improper 'yellow attackable' mobs within Tatooine
[modified] more screenplay 'populations' to various buildings around
[changed] PlanetManagerImplementation::isInObjectsNoBuildZone to not use
[modified] some screenplay 'populations' to various buildings around
[modified] a few more screenplay 'populations' within certain
[modified] some minor screenplay 'populations' in certain buildings --
[modified] a few additional screenplay 'populations' of various
[fixed] some typos
[changed] Rewrote Theater Manager conversation template and handler
[added] Rewritten promo phase functionality to Theater Manager
[modified] another planet's screenplay 'population' --- LOK phase
[modified] even more screenplay 'populations' in & around planet city
[replaced] some non-functional npc 'mood strings' --- [added] more
[changed] combat spam range from 70m to 85m
[fixed] some observer event returns
[removed] duplicate 'scientist' NPC from Talus screenplay
[added] coa2 convos (no functionality yet)
[renamed] coa mobiles for consistency
[fixed] session exploit
[added] all coa coordinators and commanders now spawn and can be
[modified] spawning habits of 'Arachne Widow' creature, Mantis 6588
[adjusted] creature-harvest zone 'thresholds' to be more accurate
Rev: Changed Harvest Yield (Creatures fat, medium,scrawy...) back to better Rev Settings
[added] first part of coa2 quests (rebel and imperial)
fixed] city's mayor id not getting cleared when the mayor is deleted
[fixed] structure maintenace task is now cancelled when a structure is
[changed] player hand-sampling to only draw from ACTION pool, Mantis
[fixed] must be initiate to use force shrines
[modified] Creature 'taming task' phrasing & order to be more accurate
[fixed] stack trace spam for incorrect heights on mission generation
[removed] non-existant GCW base 'turret type' , Mantis 6600
[added] missing GCW spawns to planetary 'stronghold' cities, Mantis
[fixed] some invalid buildings no longer show on some planetary/overhead
[fixed] mantis 0006567 /headDamage will no longer try to use a ranged
[added] generic method for reading a serialized variable of an object
[added] First performance phase to Theater Manager
[fixed] trasferred houses still thinking they are a declared residence
[fixed] buildings with cells can now be added to the world via
[fixed] player 'hand-sampling' to only draw from ACTION pool, Mantis
Rev: and from the Mind Pool, we overwrite it with our current settings.
[fixed] the player and nameMap are no longer locked for the duration
[fixed] comment
[fixed] wrong method call
[added] Crafting functionality to Sivarra's Village medic puzzle medkit
[fixed] Some Theater Manager performance and convo issues
[fixed] mantis #3706 EntertainingSession.sendEntertainmentUpdate will
[removed] some unnecessary ref counting
[added] /server adminlist
[fixed] SetGodMode logging
[added] 'NS bicep' & 'Rebel Endor Helmet' to Vet-Rewards ---
[fixed] mantis #6551 Players can begin sampling while on a mount.
[removed] redundant mobile
[fixed] setgodmode logging
[fixed] player regen rates
[fixed] Localized more group related strings.
[fixed] mantis #6540 Blind, dizzy, and stun attacks will refresh
[added] los checks on /drag
[added] DirectorManager::spawnSceneObject can now spawn buildings with
[fixed] mantis #6512 Abilities granted by multiple skills will no
[fixed] mantis #5636 Pets can still be attacked by mobs after their
[fixed] resources that are spawned with not enough spawnMaps due to some
[added] Aurilian Plant functionality
[fixed] terrain out of bounds errors with BH mission position generation
[fixed] Recovery event timer consistency
[fixed] Players can no longer /sample while riding a mount in water.
[fixed] DoT chance on 'tusken king's rifle' quest-reward, Mantis
[modified] AI regen is now based on a % per tick
[fixed] force power regeneration not resuming after incapacitation ends
[fixed] Aurilian Plant error message
[added] attribute customization to manual resource spawning
[fixed] tusken king rifle - mantis 6625
[added] encoded dead eye disk can now be decoded
[removed] unused PlayerMap from PlayerManager
[modified] All GCW faction-base mobs to be more accurate emulation of
[modified] a couple of perpetual aggro'ing static-spawns in Nashal
[added] Remaining steps and rewards to Theater Manager questline
[added] /listActiveQuests and /listCompletedQuests
[fixed] mantis #5794 Pets will receive a HAM penalty as their
[fixed] mantis #5011 Depositing energy will take the correct amount
[modified] spawns at Faction-bases to be more accurate emulation of
[fixed] Force Crystals and Krayt Pearls can now have a force cost with a
[fixed] some unfortunate TYPOS within new spawns of the Faction-base
[adjusted] combat-level of 'War Gronda' creature to be more accurate
[fixed] Object reference on screenplay tasks and persistent events
[added] LUA functionality to QuestInfo object
[Changed] creo's guildObject to weak ref
[fixed] Spatial issue with theater manager audience member flourish
[adjusted] certain creature's availabilty to be *mounted* , Mantis
[fixed] some combat commands' poolsToDamage
[added] a guild leader can now leave their guild (elections will start
[fixed] civic structures can no longer be transferred
[added] Shibb Nisshil quest line.
[added] Shaki Hamachil quest line (Dathomir)
[fixed] Jedi should no longer be able to use TK 'power boost' skill
[changed] Theater Manager audience members to be more likely to give
[removed] some unnecessary ref counting
[fixed] mantis 6638
[added] CSRs can now rename player cities
[removed] deprecated raceID from PlayerObject
[fixed] triple incapping in a duel no longer gives a tef to the attacker
[Changed] /findplayer admin command will now search all online players
[fixed] Structures can no longer be placed within the village fog area -
[fixed] factory hoppers being created non-persistent
[added] faction bases can now only be placed if fewer than 3 bases are
[Changed] a gcwManager is now only instantiated for the ground zones
[added] coa2 third step (report to commander)
[fixed] Timer should now reset for dots after they are cured (#6618)
[fixed] fire/disease should incap now (#4539)
[fixed] allowed pets into the threatmatrix, should allow pets to hold
[Changed] /findplayer filter now ignores case
[fixed] incapacitations are now tracked more reliably - mantis 6647
[fixed] triple incaps now cause death if all three are within the last
[adjusted] threatmatrix to allow threat to be generated by any
[fixed] some terrain out of bounds errors
[added] Captain Sarguillo's Village phase 1 patrol questline
[fixed] Issue with Theater Manager performances not starting properly in
[fixed] turrets can now attack AI take 2 - mantis 6629
[added] Lottery group loot system. Group leaders can now select this
[fixed] Lightsabers not storing the hidden decimal from crystals -
fixed] Issue with Theater Manager convo after completing final
[added] Random group-loot rule. Group leaders can now select this rule
[added] coa2 final step and rewards
[fixed] Sabers created prior to the force cost decimal change should now
[fixed] mantis #5544 Entertainer mission terminals will consider
[Changed] the radius of the village no build/spawn area
[fixed] Not being able to destroy Warren evidence from datapad (not
[Moved] exploration badge area definitions to planet_manager.lua
[added] Sivarra's Village Phase 1 medic questline
[fixed] Some issues with the Theater Manager conversation that were
[fixed] Sith enemies in the Captain Sarguillo patrol questline should no
[fixed] attacks that miss not playing combat animation - mantis 6636
[fixed] Ch xp is now awarded separately for each pet instead of in one
[moved] re-organized AI scripts in preparation for AITool
[fixed] Issue with the crafting values on Sivarra's Village medic pack -
[fixed] Shibb Nisshil questline Mantis #6645
[fixed] incorrect cellid causing spawns in cave walls.
[added] XP Purchase Ability/Schematic item functionality
[fixed] some coa2 targets not recognizing the correct player
[fixed] An issue preventing Captain Sarguillo's patrol points from
[added] Stats to Ice Pendant village quest reward - mantis 6668
[fixed] targets in rakir banai's 4th mission no longer attack each other
[fixed] lightsaber force cost changing after first server reboot after
[fixed] Corrected Paemos to only sense unlocks for valid Hologrind'ers
[fixed] auto-fire turrets no longer focus fire on a single target when
[added] isInCombat to LuaCreatureObject
[moved] Reorganized AiAgent directory structure (no functional changes) in TurretFireTask
[fixed]Entertainer start time bug. Mantis 6314.
[fixed] Sarguillo not giving more patrols after the first set - mantis
[fixed] Sarguillo patrols failing after completing a previous patrol
[removed] all Aurilian plants from the blue frogs except the initial
[fixed] BE pet stat adjustment to the correct level Mantis 6324
[fixed] You can now re-apply Force Absorb 1 and 2, Force Feedback 1 and 2, Force Resist Bleeding, Disease, Poison and States, and Force Shield 1 and 2 as long as the ability is not less th
[removed] All methods/declarations relating to jedi trainer storing in
[fixed] BE Pet crafted damage, resists formula, and
[fixed] Lord Nyax's weapon & attacks to be more accurate emulation,
[adjusted] Faction base turrets to have slightly greater damage
[fixed] All resists for 'NS Protector' to be more accurate emulation,
[fixed] Master Brawler's 1h & 2h 'lunge2' attack *animations* to be
[removed] A rogue 'Dark Jedi Knight' from Deeja Peak, Mantis #6680
[added] Whip's Phase 1 Village Rescue questline
[adjusted] Lord Nyax's weapons & attacks to be even closer emulation,
[fixed] coa2 first mission timeout task is scheduled when the mission is
[fixed] add missing Lockers in LuaActiveArea
[fixed] Warcry to properly delay 'channel
[added] Jedi Knight now requires at least 206 skill points spent in Jedi Skills and at least 2 tier 4 Jedi Skills.
[changed] Village escort and patrol quests will now fail after the
[fixed] disease and fire dots now only deal damage for the actual wounds
[fixed] force power commands can now have a min damage, max damage, and
[Changed] world spawning now runs during the player recovery event
[added] call for mob's HAM regen to still occur when hit by certain
[modified] Jedi 'Force Weaken' command to avoid causing target's HAM
[fixed] some more 'screenplays' that needed to be populated (phase 1a)
[modified] Jedi 'channel Force' command to no longer be usable with
[fixed] Warcry should now also *delay* posture-changes, Mantis #4846
[added] Eozlin phase 2 surveying quest (enabled on phase 1 until phase 2
[fixed] Leashing issues with Old man and sith shadow encounters
[fixed] the 'armor rating' on Gaping Spider Recluse Queen, so that
[added] on-screen 'error message' to display properly when TK's
[fixed] Village survey quest not properly checking resource density on
[fixed] Village escorts should now follow the player again when
[fixed] Jedi 'channel Force' command to no longer be usable with
[changed] Village quests are now limited to one per phase (phase resets
[fixed] Issue with aurilian plant attributes
[fixed] Health, action, and mind damage are now calculated before armor reduction, which was causing force to be lost 2x to 3x faster than it should from multi-pool attacks.
[fixed] another 'Force Channel' tweak , so that it will function
[added] Village Phase 2 mobile spawns, static objects, and a couple
[modified] a few more 'populations' within various screenplays (phase
[modified] certain NPC mob 'weapon groups' to be more accurate
[fixed] Inorganic survey tool not finding any resources
[adjusted] all loot-tables for Krayt Dragons, to be more accurate
[fixed] incorrect stat on 'Greater Sludge Panther'
[added] Persistent LUA vectormap for use in screenplays
[modified] certain NPC mob 'weapon groups/templates' to be more
[fixed] Encounters spawning while the player is in a building - mantis
[fixed] Bug with setting initial village phase id on first server
[fixed] main defender will now always be at the front of the list
[Changed] many privileged functions now require a higher admin level
[added] Additional staff levels and staff skill groups
[modified] some additional JEDI commands, and other misc commands, to
[fixed] some chat not working in god mode
[fixed] a spawn that wouldn't spawn
[fixed] Dervish2 and Phantom attacks now use the default melee weapon range. The cone of the attacks extends to 24m.
[added] LUA SUI support and initial framework for SUI cleanup
[added] Whip Phase 2 village fetch questline
[added] some missing 'static spawns' across the Galaxy (phase 5)
[added] a few more 'starter' spawns to Theed (Mantis #6593) --
[added] Ability to set AiAgent's to not receive aggro from other ai -
Mantis #6613: added Kima Nazith questline (Deja Peak, Naboo)
[fixed] Medic 'quick heal' to be more accurate emulationä
[added] All convo-templates for 'Padawan Trials' mission functionality
[fixed] cppcheck error
[fixed] typo
[fixed] Corrected force sensitive xp conversion
[added] createcreature command can now take a level range when spawning
[added] a missing 'static spawn' on Dathomir (Mantis #6733 --larger
[added] Pooja Naberrie questline (Deja Peak, Naboo)
[added] Multiple new Venue Event Perks
[changed] Event Perk venues now spawn in the direction the player is
[fixed] All *other* non-Jedi healing/buffing commands to also

Patchnotes - 15 February 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Maintainance & Changes:
+1 Character Slot
statistic is broken, available again in a few days

Special XP Week for underdogs
Entertainer XP raised from *4 to *5
Image Designer XP raised from *3 to *4
Creature Handler XP raised from 2 to 3
Slicing XP raised from 2 to 3

Patchnotes - 06 February 2016

  • Written by Holocron

Repaircosts are now calculated as shown in the Window
Express Merchants have now Correct count on shirts

Revert the 25% Credit Mission Bonus
Panthera is now 1,5 h on his place
Panthera has lesser adds
Marauder Armor have higher Stats
Bludgeon Trashmobs have now Higher Damage
Bludgeon Reincarnations have no Higher Damage
Add Bludgeon as complete automated script
Worldevent GHA NPC have now new Options

Buddy Reward Loots
Worldboss Dragon Lootgroup
Worldevent Morag Lootgroup
Add Bespin Furnitures to the Loottable
Add Bespin House to the Loottable as Ultra Rare Drop
Add Sandcrawler House
Add VIP Bunker House
Add Jabbas Bark House
Add Lavaskiff to the Loottable
Add V35 Speeder
Add XP 38 Speeder
Add Jedirobe of the Dragonbeast in light / dark
Add Ewok Event NSC


Patchnotes - 23 December 2015

  • Written by Holocron

fix Reward Cloud for Panthera - the wild Hunt Event
fix Panthera Despawntimer
adds are no longer attacking the boss

add new Skill Enhancer Knowledge
ForceResist{Diease,Poison,Bleeding,States} will now be increased by enhancer knowledge
Increase ForceMeditate effectivness based on enhancer knowledge
add new Skill Healer Knowledge
changed: Jedi heals will be faster depending on amount of boxes spent in healing trees based on the Knowledge skill
Jedi toughness and Jed state defenses should only apply when using a lightsaber
Reduce ForceArmor{1,2} costs based on enhancer knowledge

Hardcap raised from 125 to 160 so Czerka Items will have effect now
Player Cantina & Theater BuffBonus raised from 130 to 150
Cantinas on Naboo, Corellia, Theed raised from 140 to 160

If the Medic is Overt Stimpacks heal more Mind (raised from power/20 to power/8)

Remove filling on PvP death

Temporary Changes:
We will see how that is working on the server and waiting on player feedback. That is part of a idea and its not settled in stone. If its too strong we will remove it. So at the moment only a temporary change and waiting for player feedback.

Combat Medic:
Poison DMG against PVE Creatures are * 2.5

Heavy Weapons vs Creatures Dmg * 1.5
Granades vs Creatures DMG * 2.0


  • Written by Holocron

Extended Trandoshan Turkey Party

settings apply for the entire month December

06. - 31. December 2015.

+25% Missionpayout
+50% XP

The Team wish you and all your beloved ones a great Xmas Time.
Happy Xmas to all of you !

Over the Xmas Days the Support will be only in the IRC Channel and you need to be patient to get a answer. Our Community has many good ideas, so try your best with a forum post too

Server Info

Staff Change

Welcome Toni as new Event Staff member.

And thank you Tiny for your hard work. We upgrade your Account to a full Admin Account

Installed Mods

High Texture Mod
SWGEmu LOD Tweak
[MTG] My Dantooine 2.0
[MTG] Naboo Player Buildings
[MTG] Sytner's Satellite Maps
Music Mod Version 2.1

Server Rates

PVP (only Overt)
GlobalImperial = 1.15 XP
Global RebelBonus = 1.5 XP

Combat EXP 1.5/+50%
Crafting EXP 5/+400%
Medical EXP 3/+200%
Entertainer EXP 5/+400%
Scout EXP 3/+200%
Survey EXP 10/+900%
DNA Harvesting EXP 3/+200%
Political EXP 2/+100%
ImageDesign EXP 3/+200%
Merchant EXP 2/+100%
Slicing EXP 2/+100%
Bountyhunter XP 2.5/+150%
CreaturehandlerExp 2/+100%
Group XP 1.25/+25%
Stored Creaturepets 4
Stored Factionpets 3
Stored Droids 6
Stored Vehicles 6
Stored Ships 3