Patchnotes - 19 December 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Add Worldevent : The Wild Hunt "Panthera"

Armor & Loot:
Add Marauder Armor Set
Add Hologram: Deathstar, HK47, Spacebattle

Add Commando House
Add Musty Bunker

Add Sith Speeder
Add Stap Speeder
Add Lava Skiff
Add V35
Add XP38

Add Jedi Jackets
Add Decay for the new Jedi Jackets
Add coloring for NS Clothes (prepare for craftable tailor schematics)

Patchnotes - 06 December 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Add new Eventmobiles
Add new Eventlocation

modify Bludgeon Adds, some of them use now force Weapons

modify lowered Maintainance (25-30%) on NGE Houses, Merchant Shops, City Specialisations

Patchnotes - 26 November 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Creatures in the Geo Cave reduced DMG

Add Broadcast Commands for Eventteam

Patchnotes - 04 November 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Loot and Themepark Components Weapon and Armor
(betterstats now)

Planet Tatooine:
Creatures in the Squill have higher level, raised dmg and give more (the squills was constantly bugged by ppl in there - masspulling the instance and the bugged squills spams us with errors death)

Patchnotes - 30 October 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Fixed Broken Jedi Robes
Heavy Weapon range raised from 16m to 24
Point Blank Area 1 Cone range from 15 to 30
Fix Deathlocks in LuaArea

Add new Eventteam Levels and commands

New Rewardsystem on Killiam with reward Area now
Add something with Morags

GCW Bestine
Fix Recruiterspawn at pvp Spawnpoints

Patchnotes - 24 October 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Squad Leader:
Tactics 1-4: +5 Ranged Defense
Mobility 1-4: +5 Melee Defense
Master: Melee Defense, Ranged DMG Mitigation 2, Defense Dizzy +15, Defense Knockdown +15
Formup Timers are reduced
Timers are now working ...
Boostmorale heals now additional 75force and 200mind

Jedi Defender:
Force Melee Defense 1-4: +1 Jedi Thoughness
Master: +1 Jedi Thougness

Jedi Lightsaber:
Master: Melee Dmg Mitigation 1
Master: Ranged Dmg Mitigation 1
BlockBreak: All Attacks have now a additional chance to ignore the Block common weapons 0-7%, heavy weapons/Mines 0-10%, Flamethrower 0-14% (it is every hit a random roll how high the chance is and a second roll checks if the chance is hit.

Jedi Endhancer:
Raised value for Transfer Force to 300

Saber Block and Dodge have now a chance that 0-10% from the DMG hit you and not 100% is blocked
Block: the dmg you received after a succesfull block is reduced 10%

Teras Kasi Artist:
(Nerf sorry don't kill me now !)
Advanced Balance 2: Unarmed Thougness reduced from 15 to 9 points

Bio Engineer:
DNA: Raised all Min Values from the DNA Template

Bounty Hunter:
Lightning Canon 1-4: +5 Melee Defense
BH Pistols 1-4: +5 Ranged Defense
Master: Melee Defense +15, Ranged Defense +10, LLC Acc +20,
Rifle Acc +15, Pistol Acc +15, Carabine Acc +15, Melee Dmg Mitigation 2
Novice: Melee Dmg Mitigation 1
Fast Blast hits now all Pools, but the DMG Multiplier is reduced from 4.15 to 3.65

Heavy Weapon Range raised from 16 to 24 m

Buff Duration raised to 2:50

reduced Time to apply Buffs

Point Black Area 1 : Cone range from 15 to 30

Alumn Mine: Raised all Monsterlevels for better Loot

Widowmaker: Some Items added as Reward: Holos, Jedi Widowmaker Robes
Killiam : a new Worldboss ... good luck

Galactic Civil War (GCW):
Faction NPC's in Bestine have own Spawnmaps
Bestine is now divided in 3 Control zones
Bestine have now faction Scanners that flip you instant overt
3 new HQ which can be conquered
NPC for reinforcements
Reinforcement Sequences
Galaxy Broadcast to show the GCW Status
Travelsystem, every bigger Faction Base has now a pilot, you can Travel with him directly to Bestine
Add Imperial and Rebel Spawnpoints
Add Buffbonus to the GCW Buildings
Add Spawnguards
Add 20 new Imperial and Rebel NPC's (Beware they are stronger as the normal ones !)
Preparation Add new Professions ans Skillsystem

Ithoran Guardian Armors Raised HP
Ithorian Armors should have some more Coloroptions (but sorry the Base color is still a Grey :/)
Fix Czerka Artisan Items, wrong stats on them
Rare Kimogila Armor Segment from Killiam with LS Resist
Kimogila Armor Segment from Killiam
Kimogila Blood from Killiam
Pearl from Killiam with Higher Chance on lesser FC
Widowmaker Robe Light - 400 MaxForce, 25 Regen, +10 to all LS Speed
Widowmaker Robe Dark- 400 MaxForce, 25 Regen, +10 to all LS Speed
Killiam Robe Light - 12 Jedi Thoughness, 5 Jedi State Defense , 5 Regen, 5 Melee Defense, +20Melee Defense
Killiam Robe Dark- 12 Jedi Thoughness, 5 Jedi State Defense , 5 Regen, 5 Melee Defense, +20Melee Defense
The BH Rare Set have now 25% LS resist
Holocrons replenish now Force (Cooldown 2h)

Add a Galaxy Broadcast in the Newbiehall to welcome new Players

Patchnotes - 09 October 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Activate higher Lootchance Weekend +25% -Raise Meat Amount of Yavin Desease Mites
Lootstacks Craftingcomponents raise most Stacks from Min Quantity 1 to 2, some of them have now also a higher Max Quantity and are a bit more useful now

Worldevent Widow maker:
Add 3 other Lootgroups to the Rewars, so beside the BARC you have 3 more random Lootitems

City Specs:
add 2 new City Specs The Health Resort (250k) and the Science Center (500k). The Heath Resort combines Entertainer District and Medical Center The Science Center combines Sample Rich, Manufacturer and Resaerch Center. Both are available on politician Master

Patchnotes - 06 October 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Added an Auto repair function on Character Login, to fix skill issues. If Your Crafter missing EXP or Assembly Bonus (look in your Skills) please contact me we can hopefully fix you now

Express merchant Broadcast now formatted Text

Worldevent Widow maker:
removed the Deadlock
most Spider no longer have a respawn timer. So people can join better the Event

Czerka Items - Alum Mines:
AS Items have no longer Complexity , the Skill is changed against repair

Patchnotes - 29 September 2015

  • Written by Holocron

The Czerka Personal Chief cast now a Galaxy Massage if someone hires Medical Personal

Alum Mine Dungeon:
Queen broken Yellow Phase is working again
Two Minecrawlers were farmed too hard, so they are now in a mutant Modus to prevent further mass farming

Patchnotes - 25 September 2015

  • Written by Holocron

Added Rare Ancient BH Drop Armor to the DWB
Added new Loot to Warren, DWB, Tusken, GeoLab
modified infection amplifier : power 80
modified release mechanism : power 80
modified harvester mechanism : extractrate 7
modified light ore unit : extractrate 7
modified fluid drilling pump : extractrate 7
ancient Cyborg arm (left and right) with secret stats
ancient Cyborg forearm (left and right) with secret stats
ancient Cyborg hand (left and right) with secret stats
old ace jacket (rebel, imperial, freelancer) with stats
ancient mystical bracelet
ancient mystical green Bracelet
Reverted the Pearl drop on Ackley, set old Loot group again and added a second additional new loot group

the world has now a general higher Lootchance, depending on the Monster Level
Reverted the Lootchances on Jantas, Mokks, Spiderclan ... sorry HK was here wrong. Some monsters have now additional a second loot table

Fixed Crafting Problem with Stromtrooper armor.
Added GCW Mobiles : preparations of changing city faction spawns with GCW
Added Czerka Transit system for fast travelling to dungeons
Added BF Healing to Scout and Ranger Camps
Fixed Bufflevel on Relaxation house
Raised BF healing in all Cantinas
Raised Fish Amount from Fishing , additional have scouts and Rangers now higher output there too (super fish love !)
Added Broadcast Command for Screenplays
Raised Loot chances on all trash mobs in the new Dungeons
Modified: Encumbrance Values to 1 on NS biceps

Added Czerka Personal Chief to request medical personal

Raised First Aid healing Value against Bleeding, Raised the Range to 15m

Jedi Healer:
HealOther 1 raised Healamount from 500 to 625, lowered force costs (that's not the Jedi Healer Balance Patch, only some small love from HK to become a bit more useful (other patch will take more time)
HealOther 2 lowerd forcecost
heal Bleeding raised Value from 30 to 90

Server Info

Staff Change

Welcome Toni as new Event Staff member.

And thank you Tiny for your hard work. We upgrade your Account to a full Admin Account

Installed Mods

High Texture Mod
SWGEmu LOD Tweak
[MTG] My Dantooine 2.0
[MTG] Naboo Player Buildings
[MTG] Sytner's Satellite Maps
Music Mod Version 2.1

Server Rates

PVP (only Overt)
GlobalImperial = 1.15 XP
Global RebelBonus = 1.5 XP

Combat EXP 1.5/+50%
Crafting EXP 5/+400%
Medical EXP 3/+200%
Entertainer EXP 5/+400%
Scout EXP 3/+200%
Survey EXP 10/+900%
DNA Harvesting EXP 3/+200%
Political EXP 2/+100%
ImageDesign EXP 3/+200%
Merchant EXP 2/+100%
Slicing EXP 2/+100%
Bountyhunter XP 2.5/+150%
CreaturehandlerExp 2/+100%
Group XP 1.25/+25%
Stored Creaturepets 4
Stored Factionpets 3
Stored Droids 6
Stored Vehicles 6
Stored Ships 3